The Ultimate RV
Buying & Selling Experience

We eliminate the dealership hassle by
connecting the dots from sellers to buyers.

MaDa Motorhome Brokerage
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MaDa Motorhome Brokerage
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How Can We Help?

MaDa will find a new home for your current RV or help find your new home away from home.

Buy with Confidence

Statistics say that buying your first RV turns out to be the wrong coach for you and your family.

Whether it’s too big or too small, gas and not diesel, or you thought the grandkids would be joining more than they really do. How many times have you gone to a dealership just to get shown whatever they want to sell you, not what was going to meet your needs? MaDa strives to find you the correct coach utilizing our 15 years of experience and our “motorhome match making” process. We want to be your Cupid of coaches! 

No-Hassle Selling

Allowing MaDa motorhomes to serve you by selling your coach eliminates the “tire kickers”, the “unqualified”

shoppers, and the “dreamers” which saves YOU the time of having to weed through these types of buyers. We do the work for you! MaDa will qualify all interested parties on your behalf in a professional and respectful manner. Finding a REAL buyer can be a very taxing and tedious experience. Plus, who really wants a bunch of foot traffic frolicking through your beautiful motorhome!?!?

White-Glove Service

Any company can hire a transporter to deliver your RV, but what sets MaDa apart from the competition is that we

care about your entire RV purchasing experience. From locating the perfect coach that suits you, to negotiating a fair price, we will personally hand the keys over to you at your front door! MaDa then takes the time to teach you how to operate your new investment from bunks to basements, helping you feel confident for your many new adventures ahead! 

Ready to Experience the ultimate RV buying & selling experience for yourself?

MaDa will find a new home for your current RV or help find your new home away from home.